About us


Medawar For Trading and Industry sarl, established by the late Mr. Habib Medawar is a leading manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel industrial and household wares. It began as a small scale venture but has built its reputation and capacity well over the year.

The company which has been in the arena for more than seven decade now manufactures a range of diverse and functional products include chimney exhaust pipe, duct galvanized steel, exhaust pipe, generator exhaust pipe, heating exhaust pipe, Hvac, stainless steel kitchen equipment, stainless steel jacketing, stainless steel filter and turbines.

The diversity of products, uncompromised quality and the trust that it has built amongst its customers is the company’s unique selling proposition. The company since its inception in the 1940s has seen a steady rise in their business graph and has kept up to their promise of delivering quality stainless steel products born from the best craftsmanship they can provide.

The company also keeps itself abreast with the latest in technology in order to make available to its customers the finest products. With their experience and expertise the company has been able to make a place for themselves in the field. The company has its roots in Zouk, Lebanon from where it operates and has already captured a major chunk of the market in Lebanon.

In addition for working with local construction companies in Lebanon, Medawar is targeting to expand globally and has already found business prospects in Africa and in the Gulf to where their products are being exported. Some of its high profile clientele includes Moulin d’or, Casino du Liban, Regency Palcace, Portemilio. The reigns of the company are in the hands of two enterprising gentlemen who strive to take the company to further heights of marketing and organizational brilliance.

The current managers of the company Elie and Charbel Medawar have derived energy from the visions of their father Mr. Habib Medawar and are on the track to unleash the full potential of the company both in terms of upgrading the infrastructure as well as channelizing its resources to capture more markets to be the best in the race.


The mission of the company is to produce superior class stainless steel goods by the union of the best in infrastructure and resources and achieve it by incorporating the services of a highly committed and productive work force with excellent managerial and labour skills. The uncompromising quality of the goods should pave the way for long term customer satisfaction and generate more business prospects for the company. The company works in a setting of equality and self appreciation and criticism to bring out the best in their work force so that the organization can achieve holistic development at all levels of its working.


The vision of the company is to grow into the world’s prime manufacturer and producer of stainless steel wares operating out of multiple nations with an extended product line that covers everyday industrial and domestic needs, catering to large scale small scale and household units. Bringing out products that are economically viable yet of superior quality by integrating the best of resources and achieve global recognition is the companies lasting objective.